Thursday, March 6, 2008

Opionions Expressed by Malignant Bouffant Are Not Necessarily Those of the Other Staff at Fire Megan McArdle, or of Any Slightly Rational Humanoid

In its entirety:

Peace . . . or something . . . through bombing
06 Mar 2008 09:00 am

I really don't know what to think about the bombing of a recruiting station in Times Square. The obvious inference it that it's some dimwit who thinks that if he acts like the Weathermen, he'll be magically transported back to the halcyon days of 1969, when the LSD ran like wine and every student in America lined up to press their righteous crusade. But the police say it may be linked to two bombings of the British and Mexican consulates, which makes it sound more like a random lunatic who likes to watch things go bang. Either way, it's pretty sickening.
Gee, I thought the obvious inference was swarthy turbaned madmen, hating us for our freedom to join up to defend a country that won't give us a decent job w/ benefits, other than the job that subjects us to fascism & then death at the hands of the turbaned madmen. But no, it's mere '60s nostalgia. Or neither. I don't know what to think.

Considering that The Queen of Vapidity wasn't even alive in 1969, one wonders if this is simple jealousy. She's sounding a lot like Michael the Savage Weiner, the Rant Wing Radio Host who loves to call people "Red Diaper Doper Babies." Here's a clue, Megan: LSD is still available, if anyone wants it. And can anyone explain the "every student in America lined up to press their righteous crusade" line? Other than most students during the '60s having been the same brain-dead squares they are today, hoping to get a degree, meet the "right" people, & make a pile of loot as a result, what's wrong w/ "righteous crusades," like the one in Iraq Ms. McA. so favored? Or the crusade to continue profits in the health-care & pharmaceutical industries that she's on? Or even her crusade to pretend she's "crunchy?"

Obvious inferences aside, the police (bastion of rectitude, they) imply it's a random lunatic. Of course, the heat might not want to cause/spread panic; It could still be the turbaned ones.

And what the fuck is so "sickening" about it? As long as it wasn't a historical edifice, & no one was injured, sounds like good-spirited high-jinks to me. No different than going to the range & watching skeet & traps go bang. Bombs away, I say!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that assumption that every college kid in the country during the sixties was protesting on drugs is just fucking stupid, ignorant, and plain WRONG. Not to mention the assertion that she claims is "obvious" that the person doing this was motivated out of warped nostalgia for the 60s. People have plenty of modern things to express their distintrest in through destruction. Fifty bucks says the people who did it never even heard of the Weather Underground.

Christ, she really is bloody dense, isn't she?

brad said...

LSD, sadly, is not particularly available. What's on the street is a close analog which lacks the potency, but is made from different, non-scheduled, ingredients. Real acid is very, very rare, as very few chemists are still alive, free, and bother.
It's a real pain in my ass. Haven't had real acid since undergrad.