Sunday, March 30, 2008

Fire these other guys

Megan is giving us a semi-vacation.

I head off to the airport at an absurdly early hour tomorrow, leaving you in the hands of my extremely capable guest-bloggers: Daniel Drezner, Peter Suderman, Mindles H. Dreck, Jon Henke, and new blogger Tristan Reed. I'm going to be trying a brand new experiment: unplugging from the internet for an entire five days.
Daniel Drezner is the guy whose work Megan cuts and pastes when she doesn't feel like working. We already know Dreck, Megan's old partner at Jane Galt. Henke is, according to Wikipedia,
an American political blogger. Currently, Henke serves as the New Media Director for the Republican Communications Office (an office of the Senate Republican caucus under the leadership of United States Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) ).

Henke [is] a proponent of the modern American political philosophy of neolibertarianism...
During the 2006 Senate Election campaign, Henke served as Netroots Coordinator for George Allen. Henke also has 11 years of experience in talk radio.
so, let's just get it out now. MACACA MACACA MACACA MACACA.
Tristan Reed is
a fourth-year economics major with a minor in mathematics. This year, he is an Undergraduate Research Scholar in the College of Letters of Sciences
according to his bio at UCLA's Daily Bruin, where you can read some of his work, if you care more about it than I do.

Careful readers will note I skipped Peter Suderman, because he's already provided introductions.
• I contribute semi-regularly to a number of blogs, most notably The American Scene.
• I review movies for NRO.
• My favorite song this week is “Nylon Smile,” which can be found on the excellent new Portishead album, Third.
• I’m an editor of Doublethink, which not too long ago profiled this blog’s proprietor.
• I am an unabashed D.C. partisan, and as far as city rivalries go, I think of New York more or less the way a Texas A&M fan thinks of UT.
• John McCain reminds me of Worf.
in other words... Dear co-bloggers at FMM, I dibs Suderman this week.

Random unanswered questions; are these guys getting paid, ifso, by whom, and how does Megan continue to find new ways to sully the once proud name of The Atlantic such as giving the NRO's movie critic the ability to blog under its name?
FFS, he already has a post up asking what Tocqueville can teach us about the web.


Margalis said...

You have to love the commenters at her place. Under the introduction posts people are like "this guy is boring, when does Megan come back!"

I'm not sure if I've ever seen such a sycophantic crowd.

The best was a person who said something like "this guy sounds like he pretends to know a lot about a bunch of different stuff he is clueless about" which is of course Megan's entire schtick.

thoreau said...

I must defend Henke: A year and a half ago I spent several months blogging at a group blog that he was overseeing. The place was called Inactivist, and the 3 most active bloggers included me and another person coming at libertarianism from a leftish/anti-war perspective. He was fine with us coming out against George Allen, even though he was on the campaign. I only left because during an extended technical glitch (extended meaning a couple months) we all accepted invites to other group blogs and the place folded.

Say what you will about Henke, but he's got an open mind.

NutellaonToast said...

We'll judge him on his merits. So far, he's nothing but gold in my book as he hasn't posted on her shithole of a site.

Anonymous said...

Off to Puerto Rico... does this strike anyone else as odd? A woman afraid of DC is going to "vacation" in Puerto Rico? I smell an intervention with a side order of rehab.

M. Bouffant said...

I already left a comment for Suderman @ A. I., but he's all yours.

M. Bouffant said...
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Thoreau said...

Henke just called for criminal charges against government employees who sent an innocent man to Gitmo. That's better than what McArdle has been serving up.