Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama=still black

We all know Megan's favorite pastime is wrestling with straw men--it always reminds her of the pastoral plains of ol' granpappy's farm and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.

Megan plants a great big X and O on the putative 'argument' that its silly for Obama to repudiate his pastor, despite the fact that he publicly, and humorously, 'rejecte[d] and denounce[d]' his pastor's statements on the tele. Maybe she liveblogged her post on that debate into the land of unreadable blog posts.

So its no surprise that Megan turns this statement by Obama: "This time we need to talk about the fact that the real problem is not that someone who doesn't look like you will take your job, it's that the corporation you work for will ship it overseas for nothing more than a profit."

Into this: "Don't be afraid of the people who don't look like you--be afraid of the people who don't look like you, and have the nerve to live somewhere else."

First of all, Obama didn't use italics. Secondly, Megan didn't preface her comment with "shorter Obama", nor did she express gratitude to Daniel Davies and Elton Beard. Where are her manners?

For Megan, a corporation shipping jobs overseas translates into "having the nerve to live somewhere else." Telling people they shouldn't fear people who don't look like you translates into "be afraid of the people who don't look like you." And pandering to peoples fears of losing their job transmogrifies into "urging Americans to hate and fear people who are different from them." Ugh.

The only thing that could top her inane complaint is if she inserted an unfunny hackneyed attempt at humor at the end... ya know.... for the children.


She does it again, accusing Obama of "demagogu[ing] foreigners as the source of our national problems." Again, ugh.


dsquared said...

I like this blog a lot and I know you didn't mean it that way, but I sort of feel I have to pop up from time to time to say that I don't claim any copyright on that format, don't really ask people to mention my name in its context and am faintly embarrassed (although obviously secretly it flatters my vanity no end) by the "Sadly No!" posting template which has immortalised it. cheers.

M. Bouffant said...

Mlle. McA. just doesn't get it. I suppose the idea that someone would say that there was something more important than corporate profit is so beyond her that she somehow thinks it's demonizing non-Americans. And you have to love how much she thinks immigration brings to the country. How much profit it brings, that is.