Sunday, March 30, 2008

The face of Hell

At this very moment, George Bush is sitting in the broadcast booth with Joe Morgan on Sunday Night Baseball.
I'd tell you what they're talking about but I'd rather hear Megan sing Radiohead songs than watch or listen to this.
FJM just got a lot of emails, that's for sure.


Motherfucker. He stayed after the commercial break. Bush is just hanging out. The President of the fucking United goddamn States is chillin with the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball crew. I'm trying to watch baseball, you assholes. Joe Morgan is bad enough. Next they'll call up Camille Paglia.

He stayed through a second commercial break. I can't even mute it, they keep showing the shit eating twins grinning at each other in the booth.
This is proof God does not exist.


Anonymous said...

It's times like this that I thank God I don't have cable.

Anonymous said...

The booing of the crowd more than made up for whatever foolishness happened on TV. I actually thought there might be a riot, it was pretty heated. On an MM note, another Megan takedown and from Calculated Risk, no less:

NutellaonToast said...

Stop linking to all of these people who are better at writing than we are. They make me feel inferior.