Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More Titles Only

I'm really digging this new format. It's like shorters only without all that having to read the drivel part. I mean, c'mon, all of our readers could prolly write both MM and FMM's parts at this point, right?

Pressing onward.

Libertarians under the skin:
Well, if you had really wanted them over your skin you'd have paid the fair market value to keep them as such. It's your own fault for letting them get under your skin in the first place.

Inflation: just say no:
Actually, if you switch the inflation and Libertarian bits of the last two titles, you get a damn sweet blog.

More on thimersol:
I can't believe how stupid/pandering HRC is! As if she really believes that... wait... what? McCain said it? Oh, well, that's ok, then. McCain doesn't mean any harm and is just trying to manipulate the parents of autistic children into voting for him. what's the biggie?

Chavismo Unleashed:
Have I told you lately how silly left leaning dictators are? I really feel the need to harp on this as so many people are running around, killing capitalists and such. give a rest, guys, Chavez ain't that great. I mean, he's definitely not HRC, but he' still pretty bad.

Madness is doing the same thing and expecting different results:
Alright, to be fair, this applies equally perfectly to both our blogs.

Memories of me:
Oh, dear lord, the last thing we need is Megaditz getting ideas about writing a memoir. It'd be 3 million pages long and contain detailed accounts of everything she's ever put in her mouth.

The excesses of ethanol:
Don't fret, my little chickadee (she used to say that every other blog post), all that ethanol that doesn't go into biofuel will make a crapload of cucumbertinis

Spelling counts:

Social security really is in trouble:
Thanks for clearing that up , Megan. I really am grateful.

A fair trade (index):
Megan, you're not funny and neither are the people to whom you link.

Your primary live blogging:
Sweet Jesus, woman, you really think people want to be subjected to this again? you can barely can't put out a coherent thought when you've got some time to prepare. What makes you think anyone wants to hear what you come up with off the cuff? Maybe she'll drink enough AynRandtinis to pass out, and we'll be spared.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thought that "fake memoir name" joke wasn't funny? It's not really all that clever to take someone else's joke and replace a couple of the words. Besides, people with fake memoirs never really have interesting names, so the original "porn star name" joke is completely lost in translation.

But Megan's memoirs? "My life in five blocks of upper west Manhattan." Fascinating.

spencer said...

It'd be 3 million pages long and contain detailed accounts of everything she's ever put in her mouth.

Yeah, but people like Sonic Charmer would line up around the block for it.