Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I deserve her job

No posts today, one can only guess that poor MM woke up a bit groggy, what with having stayed up past her bedtime last night watching the primaries.

God, I wish I had her job. She spends a few hours writing meaningless crap, and then calls out the next day cause she was up late doing it. Can you imagine if you worked at a car factory and pulled this crap?

Worker: Can't come in today boss.
Boss: Why not?
Worker: Well, I was up really late last night, but I was making cars out tinker toys so technically it was working.
Boss: Oh, well, that's okie. As long as you were being productive.

Seriously, I'm chronically injured. I am FORCED to sit around all day, but no one pays me for my skills. MM, who has a strong back and could easily be doing something productive, like serving coffee or mopping jizz, gets paid to be lazy and useless.

The world is unfair.


spencer said...

They're not called jizz-moppers anymore. They prefer to be called emission removal experts.

Please make a note of it.

Dhalgren said...

Seriously, does her job pay more than say, $60K per year?

M. Bouffant said...

Certainly no more than $80K, as I'm sure Washington is expensive. W/ freebies (nice hotels @ conferences, etc.) the opportunity to meet & kiss-up to her betters, & Asymmetrical Information as a base from which to write other crap, I'm sure it's worth her while.