Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spitzerwatch, Day 1

Megan's first post of the day was about Spitzer. Despite legit questions coming up about whether Spitzer was targeted for a political hit by Bush's critically compromised 'Justice' Department, see Scott Horton for a good summation of reasons to question what's going on, Megan is still out for blood. Spitzer fucked up, should be ashamed, and will never rise any higher in politics now. He had a legit shot at the national AG in a Democratic White House, now he's fighting for his life. That seems like quite a punishment, but Spitzer did things Megan disagreed with. Motherfucker should be in jail. Plus he still refuses to resign and validate her words. Let's not ask whether people actually go to jail behind this kind of shit, that'd require a hint of intelligence.
Here's a few shorters of Megan's Spitzer posts and a couple other gems.

Buy local:

I have to tell you, there's a lot of indignation in Washington DC about the Spitzer mess. I went to see the Pogues last night, and then caught some drinks with various friends, and everyone was talking about it with varying degrees of outrage. We always knew that the man had a size twelve ego in a size four soul, but this really does take the cake. We welcome Governor Spitzer into our city, and he imports a prostitute from New York? That's the kind of regard in which he holds us? Who the hell does Eliot Spitzer think he is?
How long have you lived in DC, Megan? Do you have anything in your possession that you brought with you from NY that you could have purchased in DC? Maybe a functional sense of humor?
You aren't funny, Megan. Your attempts at jokes have been found to cause pregnant cats to spontaneously abort their litters. Do you understand what I'm saying, Megan? When you try to make a joke, you kill kittens.

Hillary's VP claim: how should Obama respond?: Compare and contrast:
You can shift the focus of the debate to some extent, but voters are not actually completely stupid.
A couple weeks back
The problem is, voters bore journalists. Not because we're elites and they're proles, or we're smart and they're stupid, or however you want to frame it. Voters bore journalists because we are supposed to find out what they think about policy--and they don't, much. We, on the other hand, spend all of our time immersed in this stuff. Talking about politics with your average voter is, for most journalists, like an engineer trying to explain to his mother how a television set works.
No, these statements are not directly contradictory. Yes, they still contradict.
Btw, when did the econoblogger MBA former english major lady become such an expert on politics as to contradict a cute guy like Tyler?

Why don't they just arrest Spitzer?:
I'm told it's because impeachment can take months, so they'd like to resolve this . . . well, not amicably, but peacably, if they can. Still, if he's convicted of a felony, he will be impeached, and meanwhile, as soon as he goes to jail the Lieutenant Governor can step in with almost-as-good-as-permanent temporary powers. I don't see him having a lot of leverage.
Since Megan is now a legal expert, I'd like to know what she'd like to charge Spitzer on. If she comes back with the Mann Act, she needs to go to that Scott Horton link I posted earlier. It's very libertarian to want your ideological opponents jailed. Spitzer derangement syndrome seems to coexist with the Clinton variety. You've taught us that much, at least, Megan.

Your vegan convenience food update: Vegan sloppy joes? Megan likes sloppy joes? That's disgusting.

A desire named streetcar:
You go, mass transit! ... I understand the love for light rail (aka trolleys and streetcars). They feel way cuter and more hip than riding a bus. But I don't think this is exactly heralding the new light rail revolution.
Does this mode of public transportation make my ass look fat?

I could make fun of the Pogues post, too, but what's the point.


spencer said...

There is nothing wrong with the Pogues.

NutellaonToast said...

Oh, Brad, you're flailing. "... what's the point?" you ask. I heartily agree. The more we shout the morons down, the more they shout themselves up.

I'm taking a page from the Ken Kessey play book. I'm turning my back on the whole mess and saying "fuck it!"

brad said...

That wasn't an expression of nihilism, nutella, but to say she mocked herself too effectively by posting the thing in the first place.
There's nothing wrong with the Pogues, I guess, but much wrong with Megan. The only times I find her funny are when she's being unironically honest.
Kesey saying "fuck it" left Cuckoo's Nest and Sometimes A Great Notion as his only real achievements.

Anonymous said...

That elite, super-special smartypants journalist/dummy, ignorant voter post really takes the fucking cake. She could, at the very least, distinguish which type of journalist it is that is super-specially smartypants informed. I mean, does the average journalist for a magazine like Horse and Hound really know much about public policy? What about Heavy Metal Quarterly? Give me a break, you stuck up, elitist twat. Any average citizen has the means to be informed. The sad thing is, most of the ones I talk to are actually more articulate, intelligent, and civicly aware than Megan herself, and she gets paid for that shit.

spencer said...

Well, that's two real achievements more than most people get.

And frankly, I can't believe you find her funny at all, even in those rare moments you mentioned.