Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am Ann Althouse

please look at me. I am guest blogging but logged in as brad because I'm at his place and....
Hah, you are looking at me, but I was being ironic. You looked at me because I am smarter than you. You are caught in the vortex.
Wait, please don't stop looking at me. .... Hillary owns slaves!
Interesting, your response to this shows my greatness. Now keep talking about me. I find it to be very revealing.
I am the Wal*Mart Paglia.
Does anyone else find they're creepily obsessed with Hillary Clinton's genitals, or is that just me?
I'd write more about myself, but I'm an aging epitome of Boomer narcissism and not worth the time to bother keeping up with. I, Ann Althouse, have pretensions of talent that involve finding readers who don't understand what deconstruction is or recognize that irony in the wrong hands comes across like being poked in the eye with a dildo.
The good news is that, because I'm a lawyer, I, Althouse, Ann Althouse, always use a sanitary, clean, unused dildo.
I, the Ann Althouse of Ann Althouse, am good like that.

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Clem said...

That's a really good post, Brad. You had me at 'dildo'.

Payless Paglia?