Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stop. Using. The. Same. Joke. Over. And. Over.

Worst. Article. Ever.:

For the umpteenth time McTarded uses the tired old Simpson's reference that appears in roughly 5/3 of blog posts.

I won't quote but she says that this is the worst article ever cause it overestimates Iraqi casualties. Gee, you think that one's worse than any of them say, 1 bagillion or so before the war that made us go in and kill those one times ten the 6th or 7th people in the first place? I know, it's an order of magnitude, but somehow my threshold for "giant fuck up" is significantly below the 6 figures of pointless deaths so to me, quibbling over the exact number of people who died just for the heck of it in Iraq is a little, well, what's that word again? Oh yes... heartless.

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