Monday, June 2, 2008

Bang!! You're Dead, Or Maybe That's Me

Megan feels that she'll buy a gun, just because she can, if the D. C. court decision goes to the rights of everyone, not just a well-regulated militia, to "pack heat."

While that's stupid enough on its face, it is, as so often happens, the Asymmetrical Information commentariat where the real fun lies. Scores of macho dudes advising Ms. Megan exactly which weapon to buy, as if they were, oh, displaying some plumage in a mating dance, let's say.

One voice of sanity in the comments does say that Megan has quite a load of pants-wetting psychopaths. Couldn't agree more. Having seen Bowling For Columbine a few wks. ago, it certainly seems that Americans are a bunch of scaredy-cats, in the worst way, and these people, who are going to "teach the gov't. a lesson" merely by owning a gun, & think that civilization (Huh?) will collapse at any moment, so they'll need a gun, are beyond patheticness & belief.


Susan of Texas said...

I totally think Megan should get a gun. Maybe a Glock, or a cute little pearl-handled Baretta, or even a rifle. Hey, she's a big girl. Then she can put on a black cocktail dress amd call Edwards a fag on teevee.

Anonymous said...

"Bowling for Columbine", while displaying the skills of the director, isn't a very ethical documentary.

The biggest problem is the cartoon that implies the KKK and the NRA were founded by racist white rednecks. Problem is, the NRA was founded by former Union officers interested in increasing the marksmanship of recruits. Ulysses S. Grant was president of the NRA for a time and it was his administration that helped outlaw the KKK.

(Plus, there was some questionable editing regarding some of Heston's speeches.)

However, if you do not care about these points, may I suggest you watch Runaway Jury?

M. Bouffant said...

I wasn't necessarily agreeing w/ the editing or anything else (The animated part was heavy-handed, & I know the origin of the NRA.) but the thesis that the U. S. is the most violent & gun-crazed of the "industrialized democracies" because we are kept in an irrational state of fear by whoever's keeping us in that state makes perfect sense to me.