Thursday, June 19, 2008

From the Muse's Mouth

Either Ms. McM. doesn't actually read here, she hasn't connected Malignant Bouffant w/ M. Bouffant, or she is not quite as evil as all of us here think, as she was kind enough to respond to a question from me in a comprehensible way, & even to e-mail me advising the question had been "Blogged." (Short but sweet.)

OK, I'm easy. Very easy. A spineless puddle of goo. But I can't really disagree w/ her answer. Did expand a bit in the comments, which have already turned into a ninny fest, w/ the usual gang of idiots going on about abstruse legal concepts, & so forth. Pinheads. They claim academics live in an Ivory Tower. It is to laugh.

So cut her a break for about 10 minutes (unless something really dumb appears there, like the stuff just below that brad has kindly Shorterized™©) you misogynist male pigs.

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