Saturday, June 21, 2008

Megan, Is That You?

If it really is McArdle, this is a pretty awful response to the question posed, which was, "Well, do you have any suggestions as to what can be done about torture, etc., then?"

No, nor do I have any suggestion for how to deal with the perennial problem of unrequited love, the dissatisfactions of aging, or parents who say horrible things to their children. Sometimes life's a bugger.
Posted by Megan McArdle June 21, 2008 10:15 AM
Come to think of it, she's had about eight hrs. to delete this & advise all that it wasn't her typing, so unless she's off for the wknd., we can assume that she ranks "unrequited love" w/ torture & mass murder. What do you know? Again the "life's a bugger," or, "life is unfair, so..." Why any fucking laws then? Why not anarchy in the streets, & the farmlands as well?

Interesting comment thread in general. Megan has a bit of a hissy fit on FMM friend Susan of Texas, & there's the usual "leftie Euroweenie" blather from the guns, gawd, & homophobia folk.


Anonymous said...

If that's not her, it's someone who's got her absurdly pretentious thesauro-stylings down to a tee.

Dhalgren said...

I was going to say that's not her because it is too British (bugger).

spencer said...

She does that all the time, dhalgren, to remind us that she used to write for The Economist.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she used to even use British spelling on her non-Economist blog, which was beyond absurd. She can't feed me that "I can't help it" bullshit. I've been to school in the UK and had some teachers that didn't care if I wrote papers with American spelling, but had a few who did and it's obscenely easy to switch back and forth between the two. We're talking about less than fifty words, here. The irony of it is that she probably did it because she thought it made her look cultured and smart, when if fact it just made her look stupid for supposedly not being able to handle the incredibly simiple task of it.