Thursday, June 26, 2008

More Waffles, or Some Coffee?

I haven't noticed this before (There are none so blind...) but we appear to be getting a bit o' decency & common sense from Our Muse, followed by a sudden, surprising shift, as indicated in the previous item. Has someone been reading a "How to Write Good" book & taken the "surprise & shock" chapter to heart?

But if we are going to have the death penalty, I don't see any particular reason to limit its application to murder. I can imagine much worse things than a quick, clean death.
So it's a bad thing, but if we can't get rid of it, let's make a really "brutalized state." And what the hell, we can take that old "eye for an eye" thing & apply it. You're found responsible for an accident in which someone is permanently disfigured or paralyzed, the state should have your spine snapped at the same vertebrae, &/or your face cut up good. If any one has the nerve to click her link, please tell us about in the comments. I can't do it.

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