Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Did Better Than Ezra really start off the stupid-in-stereo dialog with some philozophizin?

Today's topic is whether Barack Obama and John McCain are the right candidates for their respective parties. It's a tricky question because it's a vague one. What does "right" mean?

Hrmm... what does "right" mean? While you're at it, wtf does "full of shit" mean? Is it literal?
Ezra again,
it's not clear which portions of the conservative coalition can be truly confident that McCain is viscerally with them.

Not only is McCain going to express solidarity and forge a political alliance with his constituents, but McCain is going to literally share his guts with his supporters. He's unhuman.

There's nothing particularly egregious about the following paragraph, but try reading it as a whole, and then you'll just feel sad that Better Than Ezra gets write.
Obama, for his part, is clearly a remarkable political talent. But as the furor over the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. has shown, running an African American in a country with a, uh, complicated relationship to race is hardly the safest bet. And as the vicious e-mails stating that Obama is a madrasa-educated Muslim show, running a dark-skinned man whose middle name is Hussein and whose background is cosmopolitan isn't the easiest play. That said, Obama has raised startling quantities of cash, excited millions of new voters and proved an extremely talented candidate. The Democrats' gamble may prove to be extremely smart.

Shorter Ezra: Obama is...the furor has shown...runnings is hardly....the emails show...Obama has raised...excited millions and proved...the gamble may prove to be smart...

On this week's This American Life Ira Glass thought it was interesting that a book entitled "The Ten Commandments of Historical Writing" devoted a commandment to enforcing the rule that good historical writing should be consistently in the past tense--as if that rule was so obvious that it didn't warrant reiteration. Well Ira, there are a lot of retarded writers out there, and sometimes they talk to each other.

Now to Megan.

No matter who gets into office, the Bush tax cuts will have to (mostly) be undone. Unfortunately for Democrats, that won't provide any money for new spending. New spending will require big tax increases, not just on the rich but also on the middle class.

Well Megan, to be quick, can't the Democrats cut spending in one area--like say, the Iraq war--and increase spending in other areas? Is that too complicated?

My big screen debut will be this weekend at the CineVegas film festival. Happy Birthday, Harris Malden will premiere on Saturday, June 14th 6:00PM at Brenden Theatres in Las Vegas (including guest stars such as Matt Walsh of UCB fame, and Philadelphia Eagles football player, Hugh Douglas.) The trailer is here.

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