Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm lazy.

Kathy G isn't.

For those too lazy to click the link, Kathy demolishes Megan's psuedointellectual economic assertions with intellectual economic arguments. It hurt my brain. However, there is this jargonless jem: After Megan said "The problem is that, as [Kathy G's] own commenters point out, the empirical research doesn't quite says what she says it says."

Kathy G's retort: "Go back and read the comments to my post. As of this writing, there are five of them. Four of the commenters agree with me. One of them, ninja_zombie, does not. But s/he doesn't take issue with what I say about productivity. Instead, s/he disagrees what I say about card check, and also argues that the lower profits that are associated with unions means that there will be less investment in unionized sectors, and thus an efficient use of resources. However, ninja_zombie did not write a word about productivity."

Zing! And she's right--Megan just made up the disagreement with commentors. Just flat out lied! We win!

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