Thursday, June 12, 2008

Better late than never

Dinner ended up taking a while. Let's dig in.
Megan seems to have decided to speak in Jonah Goldberg's language while at the LA Times. Convoluted stupidese is a difficult tongue for most to master, short of a concussion, so we'll start off with a short example.

I wouldn't say that the vice presidential race doesn't matter -- after all, one of them is going to end up one bullet or heart attack away from the nuclear football.
This is exactly the kind of empty boilerplate bullshit Megan loves to faux-criticize tv people for. Yeah, it's true, but Cheney has radically changed the structure of power in the Executive Branch. Seymour Hersh and a few other partisan "journalists" who were unimaginatively right about the Iraq War have covered this nascent shadow government running from Dick's office, which, of course, means the whole thing is just partisan noise partisan partisan. Partisan.
Megan then tries to belittle an accomplished Democratic Governor in what from the outside appears to be a red state, an attack which isn't gender-based because Megan doesn't have a penis, duh.
The Kansas governor delivered a Democratic response to this year's State of the Union address that was beyond bad. Her delivery and demeanor resembled that of an early model Cylon. Except without the inflection.

Nor do I think that the Democrats really need the "shock value" of a woman and a black man on the same ticket. Shock is not an emotion that politicians often try to evoke, and with good reason. Obama, who has already been pegged by many as too far to the left, needs someone who can bring in moderates. Add Sebelius, and the right-wing talk show hosts will scream that the Democrats are running the P.C. diversity Olympics. I suspect that this will get some traction in the mainstream and even among the white Democrats that supported Hillary Clinton.
Awesome, original advice, Megan. Obama and the Dems should worry about what Rush Limbaugh will think, as opposed to picking the best qualified candidate. Sebelius's lack of a penis is too shocking for fat rich men who need large amounts of drugs to make their penis so much as twitch.
Megan goes on to support Webb, which < snobby nose in air voice > I think proves me right about Sebelius v Webb < / snobby nose in air voice > except that hairy old man Camille Paglia said she likes Sebelius (no link, you don't want to read her trolling), so maybe it should be Chelsea Clinton or Pee Wee Herman or Opus.

Megan goes on to praise Jindal once again, and Ezra said some stuff I couldn't hear from outside Megan's ass, but that's enough of this for now.

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M. Bouffant said...

Yow! A Cylon reference. One can't be more Goldbergian than that.

And of course "shock value" is the reason to nominate someone of the non-white male persuasion, we all know that. What. The. Fug? What goes on in Megan's mind?