Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lazy Shorters

Megan does our work for us:

The color of food

I genuinely don't understand this. I'm pretty comfortable with the concept of privilege, but I fail to see how my choices in foodstuffs contribute to it. I'd order the book to find out, except that it sounds very, very silly.
Italics added by me for emphasis. Second "very" added by Ms. McA. for silliness.


spencer said...

If she really gave a shit, she'd go to the library and read it there. But she doesn't, because all she wants to do is snark at it without having to understand it.

Or are there generally too many . . . ummm . . . undesirables (you know the ones I mean) in the library for her tastes?

M. Bouffant said...

Being one of those very "undesirables" at the library myself, I know just what you mean. Maybe she could go to a bookstore, where the concept of private property is more paramount, & the sound of the POS computers would be re-assuring.