Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The great thing about Megan

is that the post M. poked at just below has been up 5 hours, and it still says "at the New York Times". Ralph Waldo Emerson salutes you, Megan. It only took her commenters half an hour to notice, even.
The LA Times piece is bad. Incredibly bad.

Even the current President Bush is not responsible for all the ills laid at his door: Iraq is his disaster, but the various economic problems we now face are not. Outside national security issues, his domestic policy has been uninspiring, but it has done neither much good nor harm -- which, unfortunately, is about the best a president can really do.

There are dead pigs whose bodies are being used for student surgeons to practice on who recognize how stupid this is. And while that's the nadir of the piece, there's also this
But that is not what the [Democratic] party needs now. The party needs someone who can make hard and probably unpopular choices while unifying its warring factions. As the primary just proved, Bill Clinton is not a unifying figure even for Democrats.
Hillary Clinton received the (second) most votes of any primary candidate in American history, and she's not even Bill Clinton.

There remains more to be mined from ths short piece, but it's still too hot for my glow in the dark white self. But also, Ezra Klein is a frigging tool. His counterpoint to Megan reads like it was written by Gavin from S,N! as a parody. He doesn't challenge the whole GW didn't hurt us domestically claim. He doesn't even mention it. In short, he complements Megan on her hair, and politely disagrees on how bad of a mistake Iraq has been.


M. Bouffant said...

Ezra sez: "Mornin', Megan." And it's downhill from there.

This "Dustup" thing apparently goes on for the entire wk., there should be plenty more to mock.

NutellaonToast said...

we're going to have to change the name of this blog to "fire the internet"

I reassert my opinion that blogs suck.

Anonymous said...

The worst part is, this isn't some self-published rubbish on blogspot (cough). It's the Los Angeles Times. Some blogs suck. Some don't. Just because Ezra and Megan are self-obsessed, vain, arrogant morons who write like shit doesn't mean the entire medium is crap.

spencer said...

Megan sez:

"Outside national security issues, his domestic policy has been uninspiring, but it has done neither much good nor harm"

Of course, she *has* to say this, because the policies of his that have done the most damage are the ones that Megan's alleged libertarianism compels her to support (or so she thinks).

And to think there was a time when I thought that Ezra was the bigger talent at Pandagon . . . I am actually very embarrassed to admit that, to be honest.