Saturday, June 21, 2008

Megan's politics

this is kinda painful.

* I think most people think that they have good reasons for believing as they do. It is rare that they are simply malicious.
First, note that this professional blogger used asterisks instead of bullet points. Ah well, at least she didn't quote herself in blockquote. Megan is aware of all moral laws, but not all internet traditions. Second, note the weasel words "most" and "think". When a dirty hippie like me points out that resentment is a powerful political motivator and clearly plays a large role in conservative politics today Megan can agree, saying "most" don't consciously let hatred guide them and instead "think" they have whatever "good reason" Rush told them that day to believe as they do.
Most of Megan's deep "I think" statements are equally vapid in a Hallmarkian kinda way, but a few are amusing.
* I think that no system is perfect, and the fact that something has gone wrong is not evidence that change is desireable [sic].
Except when discussing the public school system, or any other system that Megan feels should be changed. This only applies to situations such as the credit crisis.
* I think most people, undoubtedly including me, give themselves too much credit.
Has no one ever explained to Megan that acknowledging a fault does not free one from the responsibility to try not to indulge it? Or is that the sole province of exgfs?
* I think that too many people in political debate are looking for reasons to be angry.
Which is entirely consistent with "I think" number 1.
* I think that we have a moral obligation to, as the bumper sticker says, be the change we want.
I have to be a nation that withdraws from Iraq, meaning I have to invade Iraq, have a parade for myself, get shot at for a while and almost blown up several times, then choose to withdraw.
I also have to start, then quit, torturing people. There's lots of other stuff I have to do, then not do. This is going to take a while.
I was going to do a couple of my own mocking "I think" constructions, but I just don't speak cliche. .....
* I think I'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.


Anonymous said...

Painful indeed. Where to start? First of all, almost none of her "I think..." points really have much to do with politics. They're just generalized statements about an individual outlook on life.

"* I think most people try about as hard as everyone else to be good people."

Okay, I've read that one about three times and I don't get it...if "most people" are trying as hard as "everyone else" to be good, doesn't that kind of imply that everybody is trying to be good? Or something?

Deep Megan McArdle...all she needs is footage of ocean waves crashing on a tranquil beach and the parody will be complete.

Susan of Texas said...

I think that post and the preceeding one are her attempts to convice everyone that she's moral and good, without actually having to be moral and good.

Gosh, morality is hard and who knows what is right anyway? Better just do what The Boss says because authority is usually right.

Not that she's an authoritarian.

M. Bouffant said...

She's not even an authority.

spencer said...

Megan is aware of all moral laws, but not all internet traditions.

I am afraid that this is already not so funny anymore.