Friday, June 27, 2008

Like the empty calories of reading...

Holy shitting circus seals, she's definitely taking a break today. I have never been so stunned by such a dazzling display of vapidity. You hardly need to finish her fucking titles before you realize what an idiot she (and her audience-assuming they enjoy this kind of crap) is.

The economics of childcare
Oh brilliant muse, please, answer the age old question as to why babysitters require so little pay?

SPOILER ALERT: It's because baby sitting is EASY AS SHIT! That's why it's one of the few things, along with flipping burgers, we let teenagers do!

By request: those crazy kids with their hip hoppety music and their baggy chinos
Proof she's voting for McCain; she actually just wrote a "kids today" post. She thinks she's being trenchant by pointing out older people don't like newer people's music as a rule. You mean music hasn't been getting consistently shittier since the middle ages?

WOAH! Slow down their, McBrilliant!

By request: dating games
Please, please, give me some dating advise. I'd like nothing more than to hear the about romance from someone who's a hop and skip from old maid status. Please, how is it that you managed to show men how repulsive you are so consistently for so long? I need to know what to look for when I decide to not date some sort of pseudo-intellectual, cold hearted, self-important over-privileged shit pile.

Bonus deep insight: Women who take advantage of men and get them to buy them drinks are being shallow.



Anonymous said...

"It make take talent (like the patience of a saint), but the actual skills of doing laundry, spooning formula into one's mouth, and changing a diaper are not hard to learn."

It make take? Huh? Also, you don't "spoon" formula. It's a liquid. It's served in a bottle, presumably not into "one's" mouth, but that of a child who is too young for solid food.

Don't even get me started on how sophmoric the "supply and demand" observation is. Does she really think this is stuff a person of average intelligence can't work out for themselves?

Susan of Texas said...

Megan's ignorance of childrearing seems complete, but I'm deeply greatful that after long contemplation, much research and a few mathematical formulas, Megan has decided the only solution is for mothers to stay home with their children.

It's a good solution for many, but puts the entire onus of childrearing on mothers. Considering the bedrock of the US is supposed to be families, that's pretty odd.

On the other hand, it fits in perfectly with the conservative "philosopy" of selfishness, which is really what it is.

M. Bouffant said...

Since when is "doing laundry" part of baby-sitting?

Spooning formula into "one's" mouth? That would be her own, in that context.

spencer said...

Apparently she has confused "baby-sitting" with "nannying," Malignant.