Thursday, June 5, 2008

More shorters

Megan is truly back and in full effect. It's almost as if generous paid vacation time is a good thing for a person. Too bad it'd hurt the bottom line to let the plebs have it.

The beginning of the end: Hillary is totally gonna have to drop out soo.... oh, she pretty much already has?

Insomnia and iTunes: .... I said I wouldn't get personal, didn't I.

In the event of Rapture, this bank account will NOT be empty:

as an agnotheist, I am not expecting to be swept up in the Rapture.
Your choice to call yourself an agnotheist would be more meaningful, Megan, were it not for three things. First, you did not coin the word, a poet did. Second, it's not a very good word, as constructed. If you used the components of the word to guess at its meaning, you'd probably come up with something absurd like "someone who doubts the existence of theists".* Megan wants it to mean an agnostic who's almost an atheist, but without the negative "a-" prefix it just ain't there. I can call elephants "carrot sticks", but if no one else joins me in doing so I'm just being an idiot. Ah yes, and third, your only apparent issue with the word agnostic, Megan, is that so many other people use it, too. Your degree of doubt makes you special, just like every other thing you do. Your bowel movements are fucking special.

No deal:
Via, a great article from the New York Times on "recipe deal breakers".
My recipe dealbreakers:
5) Excessive chopping of onions, which leaves me crying for hours
6) Olives. I hate olives. (though I love olive oil)
7) Cherry pitting
She forgot any recipe which doesn't allow her to discuss her being a Meganvegan, her special word for vegans who also are named Megan McArdle, but I suppose that goes without saying.

Sticker shock:
I know, I should link more. I tend to forget that my readers don't know everything I know--that they haven't written a couple dozen stories about European disability and pension systems, growth rates, unemployment, immigration, and so forth. That's the hazard of blogging--print journalists have editors there to remind them what other people don't know.
Even when Megan makes a mistake, it's really the fault of her readers and non-existent editors. Megan, on behalf of everyone, I apologize. We all need to remember that when we disagree with her, it's because we don't know what we're talking about.
I wonder what happens when someone whose ass she has to kiss to grow her career calls Megan wrong. Does smoke come out of her ears as she tries to determine whether to prioritize defending her infallibility versus her career?

I still don't like Megan.

*- Update:

It occurs to me that agnotheist might be better rendered a- gnotheist, meaning someone who is not a gnostic theist, a fairly common status in that brief period since the Middle Ages, depending on how you draw the lines between the two traditions and all sorts of theological doowhatzits I know squat about.


Anonymous said...

For somebody who's supposed to be some kind of foodie, Megan sure isn't willing to make much effort. Prep time over one day? What, it's too hard to put plastic wrap over a bowl of chicken with marinade? Active time four hours? I've never heard of such a thing outside of catering.

"The words 'serves 12' unless I am having a huge party"

Who would need a recipe that serves twelve unless they were having a party? But wait... Never heard of a big pot of stew or chilli? Those are pretty damn simple to make to serve 50. And what's she got against mortars and pestles? They're beyond simple to use and mindlessly easy to clean. She'll write a 2,000 word essay about her hyper fancy Cuisinart, but she won't use basic utensils for quick and easy tasks?

Anonymous said...

Jesus on toast points, doesn't that
breezy "I forget that other people don't know as much as I do!"comment sum up her vanity and smugness to a T?


Anonymous said...

I thought it pretty much summed up her ineptitude as a journalist. You don't need an editor to hold your hand and tell you that you should be clear in your writing so that an average lay person on any given subject will understand what you are covering, while also not boring people who may be more familiar with needless details.

Susan of Texas said...

She seems to think the purpose of her column is to share the awesomeness of Megan and her thoughts, not explain economics.