Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Am I the ur-troll?

oh, wow.

Unchecked comment spam signals that the owner/moderator of the forum or blog isn't paying attention, stimulating further improper conduct. Anonymity provides commenters with immunity from being associated with their speech and actions, making the whole situation worse...how does the community punish or police someone they don't know? Very quickly, the situation is out of control and your message board is the online equivalent of South Central Los Angeles in the 1980s, inhabited by roving gangs armed with hate speech, fueled by the need for attention, making things difficult for those who wish to carry on useful conversations.
These gangsters aim to rape Megan's strawbabies. That's why Megan needs a gun. And btw, there is nothing at all telling in Megan's choice of boogeymen, so stop thinking such things.
Now it gets real good.
There's definitely an imitative component, because I get waves of trolls who repeat each other, presumably mimicking some ur-troll I haven't seen. This is most readily apparent when, as happens about 50% of the time, the ur-troll has (deliberately?) misread the post in a totally unsupportable way, and his minions make asses of himself repeating the accusation without themselves reading it.
I really wish I could take credit here, but Megan doesn't realize she herself is her own ur-troll, in this sense.
Your arguments are horrible, Megan. People respond in similar ways not because of my or any of your other critics' efforts but because you're a fuck-up. You leave gaping holes in your arguments via an inability to cite facts and other elements of reality to support your flights of fancy and enabling of the wealthy. Rational, intelligent people recognize these holes as such, which causes them to say, "hey, you've got a gaping hole in your argument over there, so you know".
One thing is clear; ur-troll will be a running joke here for a while.
In fact, new poll time very soon. Sorry if it's too silly for your tastes.


Susan of Texas said...

It'd be a darn shame to interrupt those useful conversations about how the poor are lazy and blacks are shifless.

Anonymous said...

I'll give her credit for making progress. At least now, only 50% of her critics misunderstand her point. It used to be 100%.

spencer said...

Eh, all that means is she's getting more lobotomized readers than she had before.

M. Bouffant said...

Perhaps "ur-troll" should be added to or replace "obsessional critics."

Mac G said...

Simply Awesome.