Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blogger Spell-Check Doesn't Recognize "Objectivist"

Of course when the Muse of all Muses headlines something "Conspiracy theory of the week," she's mocking it.

As a supremely rational objectivist, it wouldn't be possible for her to have any truck w/ conspiracy. 

Plain dumb ignorance & ideology? That's different.

I don't know that bankruptcy will destroy the UAW, but they probably won't have a lot of members and money left to campaign for Democrats in 2010.
That's all that counts, natch, because the union is completely political, regularly defies its members, & has no interest in the working conditions & pay of said members. When one really thinks about it, it's quite annoying that these workers are banding together to contract for their labor, as if there truly were a free market.

Also, fool that I am, I wondered a bit about the basis of the item: "Did the White House fake out Gettlefinger?...by signalling they were ready to tide GM over, and then pull the deal?" as there'd been no reports of this I could recall. What do I know, I modestly thought, & went on w/o Google™. Her commenters, not lazy oafs like me, had bothered to ask the same question:
Have I missed something? Is there breaking news that the government isn't going to bail GM out?

What makes you think the Bush administration isn't going to bailout the automakers?

I agree with CAL and DaveinHackensack -- I feel like I missed something here. I can't find any newsreports saying the White House is backing out of the stopgap plan announced last week.
That was the last comment. No wonder the post racked up a mere 10 comments. Would have been a great opportunity for the anti-worker elements of the A. I. commentariat to sound off, if it hadn't turned out to be a McArdle fever dream that somehow reached web publication. (Caused by the side-effects of her recent moving/cleaning binge? I very much sympathize w/ Ms. McArdle; it can't be easy to be an OCD-powered cleaner, yet allergic to everything this consumer society drives one to purchase & use.)

Note: Above analysis of Ms. McArdle is dime-store psychology, formulated by a two-bit typist. So prove in court you aren't, sister!


Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theory OF THE WEEK!!!

How long is a week in McArdleland anyway? I'm guessing the post featuring a conspiracy theory will show up sometime in 2010.

At least she finally updated the gadget of the week, although the kitchen crap post is already about 3 weeks old.

Anonymous said...

She updated her comment of the week today! It only took, what? Six months?

Why does she even bother with those "...of the week" categories if she's not going to update them? It's completely unprofessional. I can understand the gadget thing being difficult, because you'd need to buy something stupid once a week, but how hard is it to cut and past a comment into the sidebar?

Andrew Johnston said...

I can understand the gadget thing being difficult, because you'd need to buy something stupid once a week...

Clearly you're forgetting whom it is you speak of. This is the woman who almost had an attack when she went a month without buying a new TV.

Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I contemplate the post should have more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

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