Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's Zero Divided by Two?

Apparently Megan's been sick(er than usual) lately, and hence her productivity has decreased. Somehow we didn't notice, which I guess shows that, to the human eye, 0.01 looks just like 0.001.

I've been told by my endocrinologist that it's time to give up being a vegan. One of the major reasons that I have, as you have possibly noticed, been sick for months, is that my thyroid has been in parlous condition. This wasn't exactly unexpected, because I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's Thyroiditis that slowly kills your thyroid. Because of that, I was very careful about supplementing my soy intake with iodine, because soy can interfere with thyroid hormone.
Yet another disease to add to the McArdle DSM: Vertigo, chronic breathing problems and now some rare thyroid thing. One is tempted to feel sympathy for her. Then one remembers that "her" is so full of shit in all other ways, she may well just be a hypochondriac. After all, if one can convince oneself that the invisible hand NEVER curls all its fingers save one to turn in the invisible middle-finger (or, for that matter, curls them all into the invisible fist), one could prolly convince oneself to be sick.

Anyway, all the usual comments about the extreme length of a post about her as compared to a post about anything else; the woe-is-me-ism, the blogging about shit no one cares about, etc. apply. So let's just point out the obligatory self contradiction. She introduces with "I have, as you have possibly noticed, been sick for months" and then concludes with:
I've actually been really sick for the last five months, though I didn't blog about it
Deary, you've blogged about scant else.

What the fuck is wrong with her? That is; actually wrong with her, not made-up-in-her-own-head wrong with her.


Anonymous said...

Google results for soy free vegan: 337,000

Megan's whining about how hard it is to have a soy free vegan diet is complete balderdash. I'm a vegetarian, but I find I don't eat a lot of soy products. A fair amount of what I eat even ends up being vegan (not that I'm shooting for that).

I have tofu maybe once a month, veggie sausages and lunch meat a couple times a month. Probably a little bit of soy here in there in some processed products. Soy milk is nasty IMHO; if I was going to give up milk, I'd do rice milk for drinking and almond milk for cooking (incidentally, I seem to remember Megan having some crazy ideas about milk substitutes; she might have recommended rice milk for cooking which DOES NOT WORK).

Restaurants in DC don't have anything to eat that's not soy based? Really? I lived in the DC area for awhile and can think of plenty of restaurant meals I ate that weren't soy based. You don't have to eat "meat substitutes" (which are mostly soy based) at a restaurant; Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, etc restaurants all should have several dishes free of both meat and soy.

Megan acknowledges that veganism wasn't the problem and trys to blame it all on soy (and her weird disease). Soy is not the problem either. The problem is that she's a shitty cook and apparently only goes to shitty restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's just making excuses because she's finding veganism too difficult and wants a way to back down that doesn't make it look like she's chickening out?

Anonymous said...

She did too blog about her "illness." First it was a cold, then a bad cold, then bronchitis. She didn't hardly blog for like two weeks. Now she's saying it's thyroid? WTF.

Anonymous said...

She suffers from a prematurely enlarged ego. Typically before suffering from this a patient displays some symptoms of talent, but Megan's case is asymptomatic. Extraordinary, said her doctor.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe she's just making excuses because she's finding veganism too difficult and wants a way to back down that doesn't make it look like she's chickening out?"

Or beefing up, or porking out, or on the lamb, or etc.

(DC? I thought she lived in NYC.)

Adam Eli Clem said...

She's pregnant.