Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome Back to Obvious Land

She's tired today, so it's back to only posting the mindlessly obtuse mixed with the blatantly obvious:

Round 1:

After scrubbing my house from top to bottom after the move, the skin is literally peeling off my hands from all the chemicals. This has made me think about getting a steam cleaner,
Being a chemist and all, I had this problem, too. Then one of my lab-mates pointed out this little box of blue rubber things that are shaped like hands.

Her defense in comments is that she's allergic to latex. Is there a malady from which she doesn't suffer? I sure hope they invent some other kind of thin and elastic material soon.

She moves on:
Second bleg is for a friend, who wants a nice digital camcorder that can double as a webcam. Not super-extravagent, just solid and easy to use. Any suggestions?
Oh, yeah, I have a suggestion. It's called Goo-fucking-gle, you lazy idiot.

Round 2:

A link to an article about plastic boobs getting lost at sea. Tee. Hee.

Round 3:
This New York Times article suggests that doctor arrogance is a significant cause of medical error.
What I want to know is whether disruptive doctors actually account for a notable percentage of medical errors. I'm sure if you surveyed doctors, 20% or so could report an error caused by a lazy LPN, incompetent PA, or pigheaded nurse. But I'm skeptical that "nurse pigheadedness" is actually a major problem that America's healthcare system needs to address.
Hmm, well, for starters: it seems pretty fucking obvious that competence might have something to do with, well, competence (To me, anyway). But then, for the truly dense, the New York Times goes out and wastes fucking time to show just that. And yet, somehow, our muse is still skeptical. I guess when you put all your blind faith in the "free market" it's difficult to have any leftover for anything else, like, say, faith that human decency is an inherently good thing....

1 comment:

bulbul said...

Re: doctor arrogance.

Well of course she won't believe it. It's like that CEO worship that we've seen in the recent weeks - those people are the Atlases upon whom our civilization stands. They're perfect, there can't possibly be anything wrong with them. So if you're looking for a problem, you need to check the lower rungs of the societal ladder - ya know, looters, moochers, pigheaded nurses...
I can't wait for Atlas Shrugged Fridays to begin.

Re: digital camcorder.
It's called Goo-fucking-gle
Please, we know she only uses Ama-fucking-zon. Well, she uses it to buy crap for herself. But a camcorder/webcam is not something she would buy for herself, so fuck everybody, let her commentariat deal with it.