Monday, December 8, 2008


McArdle at 1335 EST:

Being that I have recently purchased a car, lost half my retirement savings, and rented a house, I feel poor right now.
Then, at 1737 EST:
It does not make me happy that I can't privatize social security and eliminate the corporate income tax, and it does not make me happy that I can't have radical agricultural reform and a stiff carbon tax.  But the universe is not here to please me.
(Emphases ours, in case the readership is too dense to get it.) But what is she complaining about? That she can't set it up so that she can lose the rest of her retirement funds?

Also: No, Megan, it's not you against the universe. It's you versus the people who disagree w/ your ideas. The corollary to the unpleasant universe complaint/rationalization is "life isn't fair," or "screw you Jack, I'm alright." Life, however, is merely arbitrary. It is people, & the systems they establish, that are not fair.


spencer said...

Yeah, but see, she'd totally beat the market if Social Security were privatized, what with her ability to capitalize on asymmetric information and all that.

I mean, if her clear, level-headed dissections of the roots of our financial crisis don't persuade you of her mastery of all things financial, you simply cannot be persuaded.

Susan of Texas said...

I'm sorry, it's just all too complicated for my pretty head to handle.