Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I've been slacking, obviously. Probably will continue for a while, but I can't sleep, might as well get some shorters in. Let's begin reliving the last week through the lens of stupidity.

Pardon me?:

Pardoning Nixon may have been a bad idea, but I tend to think not--the country would not have benefitted [sic] from a lengthy trial, especially since I think it very likely that the defense would have managed to get quite a bit of testimony on Johnson's behavior, which I've heard credibly argued, at least equalled [sic], and inspired, Nixon's own. Arguably, the reason the Democrats made so little fuss is that they knew they could not further destroy Nixon's name without also destroying Johnson and the Great Society.
... what?

Tribune considers bankruptcy:
I'd just like to point out that this proves Megan is aware she can edit her posts after they've been published on the site, and chooses not to, not even for basic grammar.

I would personally be pleased to see Ingrid Newkirk appointed to head the USDA.
How does she come up with this shit? Newkirk, as many of you probably know, has turned the leadership of a group dedicated to a worthy cause into a cult of personality centered around her belief that she is fucking awesome and shits gold. A rational animal rights activist (or maybe Michael Pollan) would be a fantastic choice, but they probably threaten Megan with their competence and sanity.

Sign of the times:
I've blogged before about the tendency for groups to manufacture money out of whatever happens to be closest to hand.
She's too lazy even to cite herself. What is it about search boxes that scares her?

And now, for some actual good news:

A long overdue malaria vaccine is in the works. This means the pharmaceutical companies continuing to spend huge amounts figuring out how to give old men erections is the best possible way to advance our medical technologies.

Women's work:
I've always thought that Linda Hirshman had a tenuous grasp on reality, but not this tenuous.
Girls will be girls, I guess.
And, of course....

Apologies to Linda Hirshman:
First, for spelling her name wrong in the previous post,
and second, because someone impersonating me has been incredibly rude in the comments. I've deleted the comments and banned the commenter. Sorry on both counts, Ms. Hirshman, though if it makes you feel any better, you misspelled my name in one of your replies. [Emphasis in original]
Now that's substantive debate.

And I think I can go back to bed now. I'll do some more catch-up shorters tomorrow, try n clear the way to actually getting in gear with Atlas Shrugged.


Andrew Johnston said...

Arguably, the reason the Democrats made so little fuss is that they knew they could not further destroy Nixon's name without also destroying Johnson and the Great Society.

Sure enough, she makes no attempt to justify this. Normally, when one begins a statement with "arguably," it's a somewhat controversial statement that demands an argument. But it seems our English major is unable to grasp this.

The lack of professionalism never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

Two [sic]s in one horribly written, run-on sentence! Every time I think she can't get worse, she tops her last act of stupidity. This is what she has to show for the "hyper-education" she is constantly eager to boast about? Half-assed assertions and misspelled hackery? Why am I surprised anymore?

spencer said...

No, cp - what she has to show for her hypereducation is the connections required to get a job writing for The Atlantic, despite the fact that she is a lazy thinker and a terrible writer.