Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How's The Weather Up There?

Say what you will about me (& they do!) I'm eco-friendly. So, I'm recycling this, from the Asymmetrical Info comments to an item about a statistical correlation between "intelligence" & (wait for it ...) height

(Do note "Fred," who, shark-style, senses "intelligence + height," & seizes the opportunity to remind all how stupid groups X, Y, & Z are, statistically.)

There's a Fred in every woodpile around here, isn't there?

That aside, Megan, we get it already. You're 6' 2" or whatever. If it's that important to you to share it w/ the world, go to the nearest 7-Eleven & have your mugshot taken next to the height indicator on the door. Or borrow the line-up room at the nearest police precinct. Or get The Atlantic to spring for a professional shoot in a fake police station. Then put the picture at the very tippy-tip-top of your blog. For extra emphasis, you could put a shot of yourself stretching to hold up the picture of how tall you are atop the sidebar.



Susan of Texas said...

Down here people love to take pictures of themselves next to Yao Ming life-size cut outs. Maybe Megan could pick up a little cash that way.

M. Bouffant said...

Houston, eh? Spent the winter of 1969-70 in the (Memorial) suburbs.

How difficult would it be to train Megan to stand perfectly stiff next to Southern folk? Or would it be a question of how many appletinis?

Happy Cheap Shot New Yr. to All!!

Anonymous said...

Correlation does not equal causation. The example of this I have stuck in my head from when I first learned the about the concept concerns correlation between shoe size and IQ score (for elementary school children). I don't see anything in the abstract of the study Megan cites that suggests that only adults were studied. I'm quite confident that height shows a strong correlation with income. The vast majority of people in the 2-4 foot range have incomes of $0.

Susan of Texas said...

Yes, Houston. Winter is pretty nice here, even though I can count the number of cool days on fingers and toes.

I think we can train Megan to stand very still if we tell her that she's surrounded by poor people who will take her down if she moves a muscle.