Monday, December 1, 2008

At Least She's Consistent

Lazy at work. Lazy in love. Lazy in life. At least our muse has an ethos.

Despite the fact that she started packing what she has declared a small apartment three days ago, Megan is still at it.

I remember hiring movers for me and my roommate's two bedroom when my back was too bad to carry it all myself. It took us the morning before they got there to get everything into boxes.

Megan's one bedroom, on the other hand, is too much for her fully able back to do on her own and it somehow takes her almost a half a week to get it all put into cardboard. She certainly hasn't been distracted by blogging and her recent trope about her awesome friends would lend one to think that she could get a hand or two if needed. Dare we speculate that some OCD has her wrapping each individual cooking utensil in 15 layers of bubble wrap and placing them in specially padded, hermetically sealed boxes? It's be irresponsible not to, as the saying goes.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised she doesn't just give Matt and Ezra a come hither look once or twice and sit there drinking coffee while they do all her work for her.

M. Bouffant said...

Maybe that's what's taking so long. You wouldn't expect those two to accomplish much in a hurry, would you?

Anonymous said...

As many of the readers here know, Tanta over at Calculated Risk passed away yesterday at the age of 47. What an intellect, what a wit, what a writer!--everything Megan's not. Readers might want to re-read Tanta's tour de force take-down of Megan from March of this year. A small sample:

" It is within the realm of possibility that some folks engaging in "trash-out refinances" are, well, making the point that the joke's on you, Mr. Bank. You might consider it a kind of performance art of the gallows-humor subgenre. I do think it's a usual expectation that people who write for outfits with the pretensions of The Atlantic are, frequently, expected to try to 'get' that. We call these attempts to try to 'get' such things intellectual effort. Expenditure of this kind of effort is way harder than, well, just asking yourself if you feel sorry for someone today. Or yukking it up at someone else's 'expense'."

spencer said...

How about a link to that takedown, Flautus?