Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dear Amy

Submitted to The Atlantic's new advice column. We kid you not, they're starting an "advice" column.

I have long been a reader of an American magazine that has published continually for well over 150 years. Around a year and a half ago, this magazine's Internet presence took on a "blogger" who apparently cannot be counted upon to use spell check, & who has yet to be introduced to the concepts of research (This blogger may be taking "Is Google™ Making Us Stupid?" a bit too literally.) proofreading, or clear concise writing.

Granted, there are a fair amount of comments at this "Voice," most of them attempting to inform/educate the blogger or each other, or asking whatever in the world was meant by that last post. I suppose this sort of thing does attract "clicks" or whatever the gold standard of Internet advertising is, but still...

Should I sever all connections w/ this magazine until they come to their senses? Is this the sort of thing about which one should complain directly to the publisher?

P. S.: This magazine's website has recently begun pleading for "fans" to "join them on Facebook," and is about to launch a new advice column. Considering these developments, do you think a letter to the publisher would be a waste of electrons?

No, no, it's not Amy. Someone named Jeffrey Goldberg.


Anonymous said...

So....? Any response yet?

M. Bouffant said...

I doubt it. The form had no way to identify me, & didn't ask for an e-mail address.

My fondest hope would be that Atlantic staffers print it & pass it around, or e-mail it to each other. If M. M. were to see it, even better.

But keep buying the magazine & looking on-line. Maybe they'll answer it.