Monday, December 29, 2008

Blame It On The Bossa Nova

Megan  is (not the only one) always willing to blame symptoms rather then get to causes of problems; in this case, unmitigated human greed. (Should drug tests be made mandatory for financial sector wage-slavers?)
Two years ago, like many somewhat financially literate readers, I was perusing newspapers stories about crazy negative amortization  mortgages and exclaiming, "What are they, on crack?"  Now we have our answer.
Yes, we do, in an unattributed blockquote. Imagine that from Megan. I'll grant it's amusing in the way that I like my amusement, but for our "somewhat financially literate" (& tall) econo-blogger essentially to dismiss this as a by-now-ancient joke at last come to life when serious questions about WaMu's culture/legal responsibility could be raised is par for the course.

(All WaMu questions so far avoided by the bank going under & selling out to JP MorganChase.)

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