Monday, June 30, 2008

Quote of the Day!

But I'm kind of shocked, though I shouldn't be, to realize that men don't even see it, the way they don't see catcalling, because it never happens when they're around.

She is shocked that men don't see what doesn't happen around them.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this women IS paid for her insight.


Anonymous said...

Uh...don't guys kind of have to be around to catcall in the first place?

brad said...

Yeah, CP, but it's an odd, yet true, fact that liberal guys almost never see women being catcalled. I swear to Jebus I've never seen it.
Megan is passive aggressively trying to suggest we don't see it because we don't want to see it.
Or, maybe, it's that in the catcaller's sexist mind it would be disrespectful to the guy to whistle at "his" lady as they walk past. (His lady being defined as any female in his company.)
I don't know, but I do know Megan is trying to score cheap solidarity points with genuine feminists by bringing up a legitimate source of annoyance. Thankfully, it won't work.