Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Evil Minds Think Alike

Great minds think alike

It occurred to me, while I was listening to the congressional hearings, that the government could stop most of this by just seizing houses in default and continuing to make the mortgage payments. It turns out someone else is thinking the same way:
Yes, what a great mind. Give the banks lots of money and fuck over your average Joe who just wanted a fucking house to live in. Oh, wait she thought of that problem.
There are inherent issues here: at what rate do we rent to the current occupants? How do we make the banks pay for their folly? Also, the government is not a notoriously effective landlord. On the other hand, it punishes the homeowners without putting them on the street, and eventually the houses will be worth something.
Well, I said she thought of it. It's not like I said she actually gave a fuck about it.

Punish the homeowner, but save the bank. John Smith's right hand surely knows not what his left hand does.

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Dhalgren said...

Again, she doesn't link to the quoted article? Am I supposed to know who she has a crush on?