Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good god

she got her speed prescription refilled today. Shorters, for the sake of the children.

What should Bush have done:

Have I mentioned how low an opinion I have of my readers lately? Cuz I really think you people are idiots.

Rethinking regulation:

The sacred Hayek has proclaimed regulation is heretical, therefore the government should insure all corporate holdings of any kind. Also, here's several hundred words of babble.

If AIG fails, what happens to my policy?:

Be very, very, very worried, because Megan says everything is fine.

New York, New York:

Enough about what this current financial crisis might mean to the millions directly affected, what does it mean to me?

Hindsight regulation:

Look, just because I and people like me were completely wrong about invading Iraq (re)electing George Bush everything that is, has been, or ever will be basic economic policy doesn't mean you can't turn to us for solutions.

Reserve Primary Money Fund "breaks the buck":

Everything is fine. No one panic or start a run on Wall St and the banks or anything. I'm just liquidating my holdings and buying gold, canned goods, and shotguns because I'm hosting a theme dinner.

Hey, at least she's finally addressing the 4-5 day old major economic crisis in 'depth'.
Also, I emailed her to ask why she doesn't correct typos, but she hasn't replied. I genuinely do want to know, too. Dammit.


NutellaonToast said...

I implored her again in comments to proofread and this is her response:"As for the proofreading, sorry; I'm a rotten typist."

She simply CANNOT respond to what is actually said to her. As I replied in her comments, it's like if I asked her to close the door while she went to the bathroom and she replied with "Sorry, I was REALLY hungry."

Anonymous said...

Fier Megnan MrdCrardle!!

Anonymous said...

What does ability as a typist have to do with being able to spell properly? Even if you are rotten at it, all the more reason to be careful while editing. That's a cheap and stupid excuse, especially when you are being paid for your writing. And it certainly doesn't dismiss mixing up "higher" for "hire" and "effect" when you mean "affect." That's not bad typing. It's a bad grasp of the English language.