Thursday, September 25, 2008


McCain asks for a time out:

Allow me to point out the obvious about John McCain's grandstanding declaration that he is suspending campaigning to deal with the financial crisis, and asking Barack Obama to cancel Friday's debate:

1. It is dumb. The world is not crying out for John McCain's exquisite financial acumen to help shepherd us through this.
This is not the wrong. The wrong is next.
2. It is politically brilliant. John McCain gets to polish his somewhat tarnished "above politics" image.
This is part 1 of the wrong. A politically brilliant move would not have involved needing George Bush to rescue him. McCain is not on the Finance Committee. Had Bush not organized a large photo op in the middle of complex negotiations that shouldn't be interrupted, McCain would have been rushing to Washington to literally do nothing.
Further, it polled incredibly fucking badly. McCain standing up in the debate and farting in Obama's face would have polled comparably. Megan is the only person of any political stripe I can think of who I've read who thinks well of this move. I'm not saying there aren't others with brain damage out there, but goddamn.
3. Democrats who are mad are mad because it is politically brilliant, not because it is dumb. There is, as far as I can see, no actual harm in postponing campaigning, or the debates; we can just as easily learn McCain's terrifying plans for the country next week.
Do you actually read the news, Megan? The main point of postponing the debate seems to be an attempt to keep the VP debate from happening. And Democrats, like Barney Frank, are mad because someone with no understanding of the issue or actual relevance to the process already underway is slowing it down by literally wasting the time of the major players, forcing them to trek to the White House for a fucking photo op that exists only for the political gain of the supposedly suspended campaign.
It certainly doesn't make me like John McCain any better. But I don't really see how he's endangering the Republic either.
Ahhh, a strawbaby to close on. It's poor form for a major public leader to encourage fears about the current crisis, you asshole. If you had even a layman's understanding of basic economics you'd see why. He's not endangering the Republic, he's just fucking with it for personal gain.

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Anonymous said...

Only a McCain true believer would interpret the move as brilliant politically. As your pole shows, it is a disaster politically. It makes him look desperate, cowardly, and opportunistic all at once.

Not only is she an illiterate dork with no sense of humor or ability to write, but she is absolutely tone deaf politically.

By the way, your new poll idea should be to choose a date when the Atlantic dumps her blog.