Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Shorter Megan McArdle: Oh Yeah? So you think that I'm clueless and moronic? Well, don't let my super public rants & raves distract you from all the really reasonable and smart and funny things I tell my boyfriend in private. Yeah, thats right, my boyfriend. He lives in Canada, where he is modeling underwear for the winter. He'll be back in a year. Thats right. So go ask him if you think I'm dumb because he will tell you right here right now that I am not. Besides, my self-imposed job title doesn't let me talk about important issues like the presidency, unless I get distracted by narcissism, hypocritcal pedantry, embarassing attempts at humor, daydreaming, french lessons, murder, alzheimers, describing energy policy through metaphors, science, baseball, and, did I mention I have friends?

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