Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lemme in on that Censorship!

Boo-ya Nehisi! You're off the heezy on this one:

You guys know I agree with about .0005 percent of what Fred says. Having said that, he's somehow managed to drive some weak-minded, 22-year old insane with such rage that they've taken to impersonating him. This person thinks very very little of Fred. And yet, in a comic twist, seems unaware that however weak-minded he takes Fred to be, the fact that Fred now has seemingly opened a condo in this person's head, shows the imposter to be weaker still. Is that irony? I think so, but I get confused so often.

Anyway, I'm usually above insulting people over the internet, but this guy is going to Herculean lengths to troll. I leave it to you to dream of what his real life--not to mention social life--must be like. Anyway, do yourself a favor and don't respond to posts that look especially outrageous. I know the real Fred is so off the wall that it's hard to distinguish. Just give it a second before you respond, please. I'll be in, within an hour or so, to erase the scribblings of this unfortunate soul. I wish I could get him the help he clearly needs--for now, the "delete post" button will have to do.
Dude is so open minded, he'll even stereotype the trolls that agree with him! He's attacking a troll of a troll. Ahhh, The Atlantic, where you'll drown in the vastness of our trite, self-righteous and boring commentary.

Seriously, do they think they're going to win the war on people being an ass on the internet? Don't they realize that's like winning the war on terror?

And how come the black dude doesn't get an intern to thought police his comments? (or is Ta-Nehisi a girl's name???) I think The Atlantic is practicing discriminatory practices.

Fun fact about Mr/Mrs Coates: I never read anything but the most recent post of his/her blog when I have enough time to get to the bottom of my blog reading list, and like 30% of the time that one post contains something stupid enough for me to mock!


Anonymous said...

Huh. Took a look over at Tanahesis's blog.

Needs some editing.

This really threw me:

"This an elected member of the Congress who supports John McCain calling a woman from the South Side of Chicago, a mother of three two kids, and Ivy League grad, "uppity."

I mean, I knew the story he was talking about, but the missing comma made it sound like McCain was calling the Obamas uppity. It made me wonder whether I really was missing something about the story. Did McCain really call the Obamas uppity, and the guy from Georgia was defending McCain? It took me a good 10 seconds to realize there was a comma missing.

spencer said...

He or she has already demonstrated a deficiency when it comes to proper comma usage. Of course, as McMegan has already shown, having only a shaky command of written English is no obstacle to getting hired by the Atlantic.