Friday, September 12, 2008

More shorters

Megan tried to show her thought processes last night and today. It's bad, real bad. A commenter in the last post thought she was drunk, but I have an odd feeling she'd be more coherent drunk, because she'd be briefer.

Vouchers: what to do about special ed?:

Once we've completely dismantled the public school system we can put it to use filling in the massive gaps in my half-assed voucher plan.

Vouchers and education: do the kids make the school or do the schools make the kids:

Did you know all poor people beat, rape, and otherwise abuse their children?

Should we pay teachers more?:

If I don't acknowledge that paying teachers more will attract more and better candidates for teaching gigs, I win the argument!

How dare I say public school teachers are just in it for the paycheck?:

Easy, I'm a selfish, intellectually dishonest person who refuses to allow that there are better people than me in the world.

In the tank for McCain, in the tank for Obama . . . what's a girl to do?:

Saying I would never vote for McCain absolves me of all my David Bradley mandated meme-pushing. Once again, if I don't acknowledge the actual argument on offer, I win!

Intelligent design:

Folk, do not click that link. For the love of God, don't click. What follows is the least coherent, least edited, most full of words and concepts and names Megan has no idea of the meaning of post that she's quite possibly ever produced. She posted a completely unedited rough draft and moved on, very obviously. I don't even know how to mock this dreck. I almost feel bad for Megan, it's so incoherent. I really don't understand how she keeps her job. I was tempted to give this post a solo treatment, but it'd just be too painful.

Please take the weekend off, Megan. You did too much speed, you need to crash and recover.


Anonymous said...

The worst thing about that last post is that you can't even tell which parts she wrote and which parts she's quoting, since she didn't link to the Robin Hanson piece and didn't completely blockquote all that was written. The first two paragraphs starting with "I agree with Philip Kitcher..." should be in quotes as well. Sloppy work.

bulbul said...

Folk, do not click that link. For the love of God, don't click.
Brad, what the fuck? You know that the only thing I could do after reading that was to click on that link?
One thing in this whole debate astonishes me: almost everybody acts as if there were two and only two sides to this story - belief in God and science. Take that first lunatic she quotes:

If god(s) exists then evolution is almost certainly false

Aside from the weasely cop-out in "god(s)", again, what the fuck? Even muslims don't believe that, and neither do the Catholics - you know, the largest fucking Christian denomination,some of your more sane protestants and most Jews. Seriously, what the fuck? Are these people really so fucking stupid or are they just some malfunctioning robots who can only think in binary?