Thursday, September 11, 2008


lots and lots and lots of stupid today.

Untitled: Megan found someone who's a worse writer than she is; Matt Zeitlin.

We know from Larry Bartels that inequality tends to go up under Republican presidents, and down during Democratic presidents. If Obama is elected, when can certainly expect some increase in inequality. He’ll raise taxes on the wealthy, and if the Employee Free Choice Act is passed, wages in the middle should go up some. Tack on the traditional Democratic focus on unemployment as opposed to inflation, along with the possibility of minimum wage increases, and some decrease in inequality is certain.
Megan, however, thinks this is impossible, because we'll never help the poor catch up with the income gains made by the rich in the last 30 years without making the rich pay some of their fair share, and we all know taxes only exist so the middle class can fund the military. But,
That is not to argue that the poor are really rich and therefore don't need any help; that's an argument for a different day. I merely point out that the poor would indisputibly [sic] be worse off if the economy hadn't grown any since 1970.
Ummm, Megan, then how come we keep hearing about how inflation adjusted wages haven't grown at all since Reagan got elected?
And yes, she apparently believes the poor are just fine. Her likely argument is the same as Jonah Goldberg's; ancient royalty didn't have high def tv, so the average minimum wage earner today is far better off.

Lipstick on a pig: Concern troll is concerned, and not terribly well informed, as we see in our next featured post.

Scandalous: Yeah, yeah, McCain failed to provide adequate Congressional oversight of a department a committee he headed was responsible for, so what? It's not like he's campaigning as a reformer who took on Bush's culture of corruption.
Conversely, if McCain had referred to Hillary's health care plan as attempting to put lipstick on a pig, I doubt any Republicans would feel a twinge of outrage.
I'm not sure if she's trying to be cute or what, cuz, well, McCain...

Really, tho, she's not being partisan for McCain. She keeps saying she won't vote for him, then shovels shit for him. She's just being neighborly, and civil.

The hypocrisy of Democratic politicians: Obama dares to send his children to private school without supporting a voucher system that wouldn't help anyone else afford private school, but would help resegregate schools. But yeah, I'll never be honest and admit racism is a driving force for many voucher supporters, because, for one thing, it'd make it harder for me to call Obama a hypocrite for not supporting them. Instead, I'm going to pretend the lessons of running a supermarket apply to educating our children, because I'm too stupid to understand otherwise.

A longer response to the post on why red state chauvinism is ok will follow in a few.

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