Saturday, September 13, 2008


Oh man, Ta-Nehisi's addition to The Atlantic crew has been a gift from fucking God man. For once, it took me a few posts worth of scanning to find something funny, but sure enough, there it was, the sparkling little turd of stupid glistening from the bottom of the toilet bowl that is his writing, begging me to reach down and pluck it.

Wait, that's a really disgusting metaphor. Never mind.

Ok, so what'd he say? Well, he said this:

I thought about that while reading over Conor Friedersdorf [sic] nuanced take on white people who play gangsta rap at their weddings.
You guys remember our friend, Conor, don't you? He was one of Megan's "Guest Bloggers" some time ago while she was taking a much needed break from pulling shit out of her ass and not writing very many articles for the magazine at which she supposedly works.

No only does Mr. Coates regularly read this 15 year old spaz on cocaine. but he actually called one of his articles "nuanced."

Yes, Ta-Nehisi, only a terrible "nuanced" person would understand that songs about sweat dripping off your balls are kind of awkward at a wedding. Thanks for tuning us in to this wonderful young mind.

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