Friday, September 5, 2008

This Just in, You CAN Go Home Again... and Again

UPDATE: Someone in the comments mentions a third article, which I vaguely remember and am too lazy to verify. FMM doesn't regret this error, and will happily repeat similar errors in the future because all we have to fight Megan with are lies, damn lies. The truth is on her side and she knows it.

Megan informs us that she is doing her <cough> <cough> second article for The Atlantic since her arrival, what, ten years ago now or something?

I'm visiting my old high school today as part of a story I'm writing for The Atlantic,
As she did for her first, she is boldly traveling to the town she grew up in to do some research. Is Megan even aware that the world exists in ways other than how she has interacted with it in the past and present? I swear, she lives and dies by anecdotal evidence (as long as it's her anecdote).

"If it didn't happen to me, it didn't happen at all!" ~Megan McArdle

Personally, I'm excited for her new article. Let's hope it contains such gems as this, from her first:
Walk into one of those churches on a typical Sunday morning, and you will find only a few, startling islands of brown or blond hair amid a sea of gray. Almost 20 percent of the population is over the age of 65.
Apparently, 20% of the population is enough to drown out everyone else. What with only ~80% of the population being not gray haired, Megan had trouble finding a single blond or brunette! They obscured themselves as only a 4-1 majority can!


Anonymous said...

I hate to nit pick but perhaps there were a lot of gray haired people who weren't over 65 but still old...i.e. 50+. I.e. there were a lot of old people...of which the greatest percentage were 65 or older.

I know this isn't the case but I was just being an ass.

Susan of Texas said...

What do you think--will she discover that the youth of America think Obama is an uppity elitist? Or will it be that the youth of America are confident in their economic future?

NutellaonToast said...

sv, that's fine. Being an ass is what we're all about here at FMM!

M. Bouffant said...

Of course we have absolutely no idea which "population" she was typing about (that would involve clarityin her typing, & we can't have that) but we might suspect she was trying to say something about how only aged dementia-sufferers attend religious services.

Anonymous said...

Like many amateurish bloggers, she makes these grand pronouncements as if she is the only person who has discovered x or y or z. Yet her observations are pedestrian, trite, superficial--not worth the (virtual) paper they are printed on.

Anonymous said...

er, she also wrote an article about Iraqi civilian deaths in the April issue.