Thursday, September 4, 2008

Uh, Like, Just Typing Off The Top of My Head

Once again, it's the kinda, sorta, like school of opinionating.

Of course, it doesn't look very good for McCain to be upstaged by his VP. On the other hand, there is, I think, a certain subtle confirmation to a cultural role we're comfortable with: the strong husband/wife team. I'm not saying that there is some romantic aspect to their candidacy, but rather that I think there's a way to build on that partnership image that gives her a central role without making McCain look weak. Maybe. I'll have to see how things develop.
Coated in weasel words & "on the other hands."

Which "cultural role" is Mlle. McA. talking about here, if I may ask? Bill & Hill? Nick & Nora Charles? A couple from reality, or a "cultural role" from fiction?


Anonymous said...

Mondale and Ferraro? Why is she writing about this dynamic like it's the first time we've seen it?

Susan of Texas said...

Just like Ferdinand and Imelda, Juan and Eva....

spencer said...

cp, the difference is that McCain is a Macho War Hero, a real Man's Man, and Palin is the idealized suburban housewife figure. Whereas Mondale was a milquetoasty wuss and Ferraro was a grating castrating bitch.

Or something. I can't put too much effort into seeing the world the way Megan sees it, or I give myself headaches.