Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shorters, Part 1

tons to catch up on, and Megan has been verbose. So let's watch her flail about laying blame for the meltdown everywhere but at the feet of the deregulatory policies she's supported for the last 8 years.

Watch the budget:

Whatever your opinion of the Bush tax cuts, it is indisputable that they made our tax base more progressive: the rich and very rich now pay a higher percentage of the total tax take than they did before Bush took office. That has dire implications for the budget for the next few years.
That's right folks, everything you've ever learned or been told about the nature of Bush's tax cuts was wrong. And no, there's no need to support a massively counter-intuitive claim with any kind of direct evidence; that's what poor people do. She goes on to explain how this alternate reality means Obama will have less revenue to work with than he claims and McCain won't be able to make these "progressive" tax cuts permanent the way he wants. Also, zombie outbreaks.

Sure glad I got that MBA:
I graduated from business school in 2001, straight into the teeth of the last recession. This article sure brings back some painful memories. If you're a newly minted MBA, I offer the following, not very helpful advice:
Never forget who has the money, or how to kiss their asses. Also make sure to kiss the ass of anyone who might one day affect your career. Basically, be a huge suck up and hope selling your soul left you as the right kind of half-human shade to please your new masters.

Is McCain suffering from Alzheimers [sic]?:

No, you asshole, he isn't. He couldn't understand the interviewer through her thick accent, and tried to bluff his way out. Stupid mistake, but easily understood. The real gaffe was McCain's camp claiming he did understand and meant to say he'd refuse to meet with the head of another NATO member. That is fucking stupid, and raises all sorts of questions about what lengths McCain will go to in service of his pride.

Clear as Glass (Steagall):

Who are you going to believe; me, or everyone else in the western world, including a tenured Professor of Economics at Princeton who has a column in the national paper of record? Will they use meaningless jargon instead of a real argument? Huh, punks?

Demon short-selling:

There's nothing whatsoever wrong with an unregulated market where rich people sell shit they don't actually own, you communist bastards. The idea in no way resembles this ad.

Insiders save themselves:

Clearly, this crisis shows we need to give rich people free money to save their self-esteem, the question is how much.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

"Find a way to make money" is advice? Is this the stellar wisdom that an MBA has instilled in Megan? Why didn't I think of that in the first place? Make money! Yeah! I'm going to go out and try that right now!

Anonymous said...

Best worst comment in the MBA thread:
"And for those who are not involuntarily unemployed, for God's sake, don't abandon your friends who are [...] they won't always be unemployed and of no immediate use to you."

Wow. There are people out there who'd abandon friends because they're unemployed? And who only have friends based on the potential utility of the friendship?

Yet another reason MBAs suck. I'm convinced you don't learn anything in an MBA program besides stupid jargon like "incentivize". And Megan sent out 1400 resumes? Is she sending them out for positions she's grossly unqualified for? I almost feel sorry for her. The only explanation is that having an MBA indicates that you have no useful skills.

Not to brag, but since I finished my grad degree (not an MBA), I've sent out 10 resumes, and had 8 interviews and 3 job offers. Yeah, I work in a field that doesn't pay much, but I actually have useful skills (admittedly, the job market would be much worse for me if I'd gone on to a PhD instead of stopping at a master's)