Monday, September 22, 2008

I know

I've been slacking off of late. Sorry, busy. I'll be back soon, in the meantime help me think of a new poll.


MikeG said...

New Poll:

In what way is the financial bailout good for Republicans?


In what ways does the financial bailout signal that Capitalism and free markets are stronger than ever?


In what ways does the financial bailout signal that the fundamentals of the American economy are stronger than ever?

or (god can't stop myself!)

In what ways does the financial bailout signal that we need more de-regulation to ensure that freedom can remain on the march?

Anonymous said...

In what way does Megan's superiority make you feel bad about yourself?

-I'm not a vegan.
-I didn't go to an Ivy League school.
-My parents couldn't afford the $38,000 tuition for my primary education.
-I have never won an award for my macaroni and cheese recipe.
-I don't have an iPhone.
-I don't live on either US coast.
-My daddy didn't pay for me to get an MBA so that he wouldn't have to support me for the rest of his life after I aimlessly earned an English degree.

Susan of Texas said...

What will Megan do when her interest rates skyrocket?
--blame Democrats
--declare bankruptcy
--marry a down-on-his-luck trader
--get pregnant and go on welfare

Susan of Texas said...

I forgot
--lure Jonah Goldberg to a hotel room, tie him up and rob him of his pocket money.

Adam Eli Clem said...

Under which circumstance would Megan revert to being a carnivore?

a) Stranded on a desert isle with an injured Andrew Sullivan
b) Served beer-can chicken by Steve Gilliard in "Blacksnake Moan" scenario
c) Told that bobbing for pig's knuckles means a promotion at Atlantic Halloween party
d)Told that eating hot dogs causes immaculate conception
e) Told not to eat meat by Jebus