Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Save the strawbabies!

Megan may never reproduce, we can hope, but that doesn't mean she has no children. Every day Megan gets up before the sun rises to start weaving a new generation of strawpeople. We go to great, and merited, lengths to mock Megan's efforts here, but there's no denying she's a prolific generator of bullshit arguments no one arguing against her has ever taken. Hell, the sophists of old at least had formal rules and strategies, Megan just follows where her ass leads.
Today it led her into Peggy Noonan land, again, to make a strawbaby version of a pro-choicer who's worse than anti-abortionists.


Last post on Bristol Palin, I promise, but . . .
There's a subtext to the criticism here that I find very uncomfortable. Any number of commenters seem to be implying that what a GOOD parent would have done is encouraged her daughter to get an abortion.
Isn't that a beautiful widdle strawbaby? Any number of commenters she can't be bothered to directly quote or cite, as always. Let's watch this little one grow.
I call myself pro-choice. Not pro-abortion. Pro-choice. A choice that I think should be made as rarely as possible. I applaud girls and women who are willing to do the difficult thing and carry the child to term at considerable personal cost.
Which is to say that Megan wants the option for herself but holds other women to a different standard. We knew that.
I realize that many pro-choicers view abortion, as I do not, as a morally neutral act. But this is supposed to be about women doing what is right for them. What is right for you includes your moral beliefs about when a fetus becomes a full human life. There are a whole bunch of really bad beliefs bundled here: that you KNOW when life begins, and Bristol Palin does not; that you know that motherhood is wrong for her; that the most important thing in the entire world is having the same four years of carefree quasi-adulthood at a good college that I (and presumably you) did; that you, in short, are far better positioned to know what is right for Bristol Palin, whom you have never met and who lives several thousand miles from you, than do Bristol Palin and her family.
Did I mention Megan abuses her strawbabies emotionally by yelling at them constantly? That's why they always run away from home when they become strawteens, never to be seen again. Or maybe she's been killing them. Who knows.
This is everything the pro-lifers tar us with: arrogant, elitist, anti-motherhood, pro-abortion rather than pro-choice. Liberal values are supposed to be about giving people space to make their own moral decisions, not forcing your own on them. I thought that's what we were supposed to hate about conservatives . . .
You are a conservative, Megan. You can focus on the difference between you and evangelicals and lie yourself to sleep, but in reality your nature is apparent. Hence you creating a fictive hypocritical being that you pretend is a "fellow" pro-choicer, one of those millions of women and men who actually do respect a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body.
The sliver of truth that Megan either can't understand or is trying to warp for her conservative target market is the fact that Republicans are celebrating Bristol Palin making the choice they wanted her to, an irony not lost on the rest of us.


Anonymous said...

"Any number of commenters seem to be implying that what a GOOD parent would have done is encouraged her daughter to get an abortion."

Cite, please? Megan, it's not that hard.

The only one I heard saying Sarah Palin's a bad mother about all this is Howard Stern on Tuesday morning. He said that any normal mother faced with this kind of problem would do the right thing by taking her 17-year-old daughter to the abortion mill ASAP.

He also said that a normal mom doesn't force her daughter to marry the kid who fucked her in high school.

What are your thoughts, Megan?

Anonymous said...

Megan? Cite? Why change now? Straw men and not citing sources is what landed her a gig at the Atlantic.

I want to know, what's with the ALL CAPS? She's supposed to be a professional journalist. They're called italics, Megs. That's the way you're supposed to stylize for emphasis, not SHOUT like you're posting to your LiveJournal. I guess you'd know that if you'd actually ever had any training.

Anonymous said...

"...seem to be implying", two words indicating imprecision, cannot have a source in fact by definition. They just SEEM to be true for McMegan.

She, like many of the self-centered, hears what she wants to hear.