Friday, December 12, 2008

I'm Busy Too

Brad's not the only one with finals, but some of us still feel obligated to fill our duties. So, though, I have a final tomorrow, I'll take over.

If you follow this fucking link you'll see that McFuckingMoron continues to be a complete fucking idiot without a trace of self-awareness, compassion, intelligence or even the capability to use correct fucking gramar.

fuck whore shit fucking asshole piece of shit fuckadiddle-ding-dong.

There. I'm done. I'm such a good blogger!


Anonymous said...

"This is the camera I bought two years ago for some professional work; it's still plugging along. . . at this point, the upward ratchets in megapixels are counterproductive for most amateurs--what you gain in pixelation, you lose in the fussiness of the picture-taking requirements."

Classic Megan. She can't just buy a camera to take pictures. She's doing "professional work." Really Megan? So I go to your blog and I'm going to see a ton of photos taken of all those news events you cover, right? She happens to be correct about not needing more megapixels, but she has no idea of why that's the case. It's something someone told her at some point, but she didn't understand the explanation. But that doesn't stop her from pretending that she has some knowledge of the technical aspects of digitial photography. Pretension is all she knows.

Anonymous said...

How about this gem from this post:

"If I'm so fond of workers taking haircuts, why not at AIG and the banks, huh? huh?"

Haircuts? HAIRCUTS?

Anonymous said...

Her idea of putting together a holiday gift list starts with her walking around her house cataloging everything she owns. After all, if it's good enough for Megan, it's certainly good enough for any of us. If Megan has the good taste to own some useless consumer product, surely you need one too.

And what the fuck is with these gifts? Most of these aren't things that adults buy for adults. A parent buys his kid a Wii--you don't give a Wii to your 30-year-old sister-in-law. Quite frankly, I wouldn't want to receive any of these gifts. I'd be offended if someone bought me a 50-inch TV. Those things cost, like, a thousand dollars. And who the fuck wants iPod connector cables? What craven state of mind do you have to have to buy someone an iPhone or a Tivo for Christmas? No better way to commemorate the birth of Christ than by giving Kindles or universal remotes to your loved ones. Who the fuck wants a big-ass over-sized printer for fucking Christmas? Truly, she is one of the most warped individuals I've ever come across--a true materialistic pinhead.

bulbul said...


that's exactly what I thought when she posted the first part of her gift list, the one with kitchen appliances.
Kindle is the only semi-reasonable item on that list, it really does save money and space. But the rest, oh sweet ghost of Christmas passed... Shure headphones are for pretentious assholes who fancy themselves audiophiles. Get Koss Sparkplug for 10 bucks, you won't know the difference. And don't get me started about Guitar Hero...

the birth of Christ
Let me quote Our Lady of teh Overpriced Crap:
"You drive around in circles. You fall off things. Your three year old nephew beats you, repeatedly. It's like the distilled spirit of Christmas."
Need I say more?

Andrew Johnston said...

I just finished reading the gift guide, and it really just confirmed everything I knew about McArdle. Flautus is right about Megan cataloging the crap in her house - she owns all but two of the items on the list (which are owned by her roommate). What gets me is how pointless the list is. The whole idea of these holiday lists is to showcase things that people wouldn't think of. What, Megan, didn't think anyone had ever heard of the iPhone? Did you think that people needed your all-important guidance to know of the existence of Blu-Ray or the Wii? And who the hell puts a $2,000 TV on a gift list? (The same person who bitches that 5 TVs in one house are not enough, apparently) And who even puts gift lists on an economics blog ON THE ATLANTIC? She's too sick to make more than cursory comments on the unfolding economic crisis, but feels good enough to expound on the tens of thousands of dollars worth of crap we need to buy for our friends and family?

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell would consult Megan McArdle for gift ideas in the first place? Thanks, Megan, but I prefer the gifts I buy my loved ones to be catered to their personal interests or needs, not useless, bland consumer crap. The only point for her making that list was to brag about all the expensive stuff she owns.