Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Before I die

some genuine style shorters.

Dispatch from a lost city:
Unfamiliar things frighten me, but I don't like admitting that fact to myself, so I bury it under mountains of dull prose.

Annals of idiocy:
Food warning labels should only reflect my own concerns.

Life choices:
Just to again make clear, the really important thing about the abortion debate is that I have access to safe options if I ever need them.

Not ready for prime-time:
I have come to the shocking and unprecedented conclusion that the majority of television coverage of political conventions is boring, unlike longwinded complaints about said topics.

Good for thee but not me . . . :
I cannot comprehend the basic idea that some things shouldn't be all about the money.

Alright. I'm gonna run some errands, then begin my descent into hell.

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