Friday, August 1, 2008


shorters, of some form or 'nother.

Obama: so many drawbacks:

I'm frankly disappointed in the negative campaigning from the McCain side. It's nowhere near as bad as the ads that ran from both sides in 2004, but still . . . here in DC, McCain is now running anti-Obama ads with a voice over in the same tones that the ninth grade bully-princess used to inform everyone that her newest enemy had, like, totally slept with a tenth grader behind the bleachers. This does not make me more likely to vote for Senator [sic] from Arizona.
I wonder if only Megan can catch these subtle undertones because her tv and sound system give her sooooper powars!

Car talk:
GM has declared a stunning loss--over $15 billion dollars.
The company is scrambling to retool for small cars, and I'm sure we'll hear a loud chorus of voices saying that GM did this to themselves by becoming so dependent on light trucks. Well, they did, but I'm not sure it's fair to blame management. GM's historical pension and healthcare obligations, and the vast difficulties they have in permanently laying off workers, mean that the company had to maximize cash flow as best they could.
The unions and decent health care plans for plebs forced the helpless GM management to make shortsighted decisions in order to please the Wall Street philosophy of "gimmie money now, asshole" and 'earn' themselves undoubtedly huge bonuses. The unions had knives.

Have they caught the anthrax killer?: My casual opinion is worth more than a whole half decade long FBI investigation. I deserve a raise.


clever pseudonym said...

From the anthrax killer link: "Unfortunately, now that he's dead, we'll almost certainly close the case with his name on it and move on. Possibly leaving the real anthraxomaniac at large."

Anthraxomaniac? How much do you want to bet Megan had herself rolling on the floor over that? Too bad she didn't take that time to note that full sentences are the preferred method of communication among the literate. This is a person who gets *paid* for her writing. Why am I amazed any more?

spencer said...

What negative ads did Kerry run? I don't remember any at all.