Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Megan's being boring

but Amy Alkon isn't.

I was going to write a long piece mocking the stupid assertions, poor reasoning, and comic claims of victimization in Amy's post, but it finally hit me she's just trolling for links and an increased presence in the conservative blogosphere. She doesn't believe the crap she's spewing, she just hopes Instadouche and the like will continue to link to her in the wake of this.
I don't mean to give her too much credit, she's not a secret genius, but she has gotten more attention out of this, and that's clearly what she wanted. She's trying to cash in on the "lefties are mean" meme that conservatives project onto their political opponents, because the right has an underlying awareness of their ideological bankruptcy and find it so painful to be reminded of it they consider it an assault. They know they're full of shit, and it makes them feel bad to have to face it. If the left were truly polite, we'd let them drive humanity into extinction instead of hurting their feelings. Y'know, like how Megan is more civil because she doesn't swear when dismissing the concerns and lives of billions.
In truth, it's a good thing most conservatives are anti-drug. Can you imagine how paranoid they'd be on coke?
Oh wait, you can, you can read Amy Alkon's blog.
Amy? You have a nosebleed.


Clem said...
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clever pseudonym said...

I have to admit, I'm thoroughly enjoying Amy's "the left is trying to silence me!" persecution complex. As the S,N! folks already pointed out, why would anyone want to silence someone who is some damn entertaining, no matter how unintentional? Not to mention that people generally only want to silence things they are afraid of. Amy's blog and "advice" are far too insipid to pose a threat to anyone.

Keith said...

Except the people dumb enough to listen to it...