Friday, August 15, 2008

La McA. on Facebook

Welcome back to high school, thirtysomethings.
Did she ever leave?


Clem said...

I like her Facebook photo. She's got that "I'm a passionate creature awakened from slumber by the mountain winds" fashion model look.

Ok, should I add her?

clever pseudonym said...

She's reminded us, the little people, several times that she only adds friends she knows in real life, not any of her doting minions. She's so popular she can't really handle any more than that. Never mind that I know actors and bands that are hugely famous that have Facebook/MySpace pages where they have over 100,000 "friends" and still manage to keep up and drop cheerful notes to their fans from time to time. Megan's too important to do that.

Clem said...

cp, I've a feeling that when I go to look at her friends list, I will find people with whom she has, at best, only passing acquaintance. I'll report my findings later.